Welcome to School Alumni!

Celebrating our proud legacy, St. George’s Grammar Schools’ alumni stand as a testament to our educational excellence. Our graduates, dispersed across the globe, are leaders, innovators, and change-makers in various fields. With a shared foundation rooted in integrity and knowledge, our alumni network fosters connections, lifelong friendships, and boundless possibilities. Each member is a living embodiment of our school’s values, and their journeys inspire current students to dream beyond horizons. We cherish the accomplishments of our graduates and invite them to be an integral part of our ongoing success story.

Alumni Collage

Strengthening Relationships

We aim to strengthen relationships between School alumnae, students, and soon-to-be alumnae while maximizing potential in both personal and professional lives.

The balance Secondary School maintains between honoring the past and remaining committed to the future is one of its most compelling attributes. We hope you’ll stay in touch, join our network, and bolster our community by supporting Secondary School students today.